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New Mish Mash Cookies Have Landed

Charlie’s Fine Food Co.’s deliciously morish new Mish Mash Cookies range, inspired by the famous New York ‘Compost Cookie’, is the real deal when it comes to playful, flavourful snacks.

Lovingly made and Australian owned, Mish Mash Cookies combine an unapologetically random mix of everything a pantry has to offer – sweet & salty – to create the most EPIC cookie in town.

Charlie’s has tapped into a global trend, combining crumbs and other snack remnants to create delectable cookies, including chocolate chips, oats, ground coffee, potato chips, and pretzels.

The family run bakery has taken the ‘no waste’ concept a step further by using fully home compostable wrapping for the Mish Mash Cookies range.

Your garden will love gobbling up the wrapper as much as your family and friends will love devouring Charlie’s Mish Mash Cookies.

The environmentally sustainable wrapping is certified 100% home compostable and made from a range of natural products including eucalyptus fibre, cassava and corn starch. That means no nasties!

Charlie’s Fine Food Co’s owner Jacky Magid says the exciting new range will capture consumers from the first bite, to binning the wrapper. “The move to home compostable is such an important step given the war against soft plastics and the issues with REDCycle.

“We were inspired to think big and push the boundaries with sweet and salty inclusions and unexpected flavour combinations. Its random, but it works,” Jacky says.

“We had so much fun coming up with our three original Mish Mash flavours. There’s nothing quite like this on the supermarket biscuit shelves in Australia, and I think families are going to love these indulgent cookie creations.
There’s even one for breakfast!”

Jacky says their aim is to create cookies that don’t just taste great but feel good too.

“We know that sustainability, community and reducing food waste matter to our customers. We are passionate about changing the way we package our products, as well as proudly supporting an organisation like FareShare that cooks surplus food into free, nutritious meals for people in need.”

Charlie’s Fine Food Co. will donate 5 cents per package sold to FareShare. Marcus Godinho, FareShare CEO, said, “At a time when cost of living pressures and natural disasters are pushing more Australians to seek food relief, support from Mish Mash Cookies will help us cook more delicious meals to feed the dignity and wellbeing of
people in hardship.”

The new Mish Mash Cookies range comes in three varieties: Early Riser (corn flakes, coffee, dried fruit, white choc chips, oats and coconut), Rock n’ Roll (Salt and Vinegar chips, Smarties, real choc chips, pretzels and salt flakes), and Rainbow Galaxy (Smarties, real choc chips, Rice Bubbles, oats and cocoa).

“My kids love them, which is always the first hurdle in any Charlie’s product development! They’re very honest in their feedback so we always know if we’re onto something or not. Mish Mash Cookies are adult enough to be enjoyed by the grown-ups but loaded with fun treats and surprises to keep everyone happy.”

“Charlie’s is all about deliciousness, fun and bringing moments of joy.

Mish Mash ticks all these boxes. Life is short, eat the cookie.”