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Media & PR

“Introducing Australia’s first edible and bakeable cookie dough, and our new obsession.”

“Award Winning, dessert master Anna Polyviou and renowned cookie experts, Charlie’s Fine Food Co. have joined forces to shake up the cookie dough market down under”

Q&A: A fine approach to producing ethically-made cookies

“An unapologetically random mix of everything a pantry has to offer”, both sweet and salty, to create the “most epic cookie in town”.

“Consumers are looking for more snacking options beyond the traditional chins and chocolate bars”

“Charlie’s Fine Food Co is a true leader in its industry, advocating for its current and future employees at a government level.”

‘We are proud to have grown an inclusive and flexible working environment…’

‘We transformed the cookie business into a global gourmet snack star…’

‘Of our current staff, we’ll have 100 per cent vaccination in the next couple of weeks…’

‘We thought we were diversified but COVID wiped out everything…’

‘Charlie’s 25-year journey showcases resilience in the business’ and its owners…’

‘But when COVID hit and foodservice orders dried up…’

‘Cheese please. These melt in your mouth bites from Charlies..’

‘Charlie’s Fine Food Co is like our third child, we’ve nurtured it from a tiny company making choc-chip cookies to..’

‘Charlie’s has just launched mini cheese biscuits in three delicious flavours..’

‘If savoury is more your style, we’ve got news for you..’

‘In March last year, when Covid 19 hit with full force..’

‘It didn’t take us long to realise we had to expand our horizons..’

‘There’s no need to decide if you’re on team ‘sweet’ or team ‘savoury’ with the latest..’

‘After more than 25 years making sweet treats, Charlie’s Fine Food Co. has launched..’

‘They’re made in three varieties: Three Cheeses; Cheddar and Rosemary; and..’

‘Say ‘cheese’ to Charlie’s new chip off the old block..’

‘Charlie’s Fine Food Co. has released its latest range – Mini Cheese Bites. Made with..’

‘Charlie’s Fine Food Co. is saying ‘cheese!’ as its latest range. The team have launched..’

‘Australian confectionery business Charlie’s Fine Food Co has rolled out Mini Cheese Bites to meet what it describes as..’

‘What COVID-19 did was take out all the white noise. We got to choose what we focused on..’