Cookie Contract Manufacturing Capabilities

We love to innovate and work with like-minded Australian businesses. From recipe development, nutrition, packaging, and strategy.


Baking Mentors

We have a rich heritage in local manufacturing — over 25 years of perfecting our delicious range of cookies, biscuits, slices, savoury cheese biscuits, crackers, and pita chips, all from our bakery in Melbourne. This expertise and knowledge is something that we think is worth sharing, which is why we offer contract manufacturing.

Collaborating with other businesses — from new start-ups to larger retailers looking for private label products — we offer our partners the ability to produce ethically sourced, quality products that are Australian made and owned.


Our Capabilities

The team at the helm of Charlie’s are experts when it comes to baking and manufacturing. Knowledgeable, capable, and consistently pushing us (and our partners) forward to ensure that we never stop growing and innovating.

We lead the way when it comes to R&D and recipe adjustment, and have years of experience developing multiple biscuit, slice and bar styles in a variety of pack forms. Our capabilities include:

  • Moulding
  • Depositing
  • Forming
  • Creaming
  • Sheeting
  • Baking
  • Packing

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Partner With Us

We love forming new partnerships — shared connection is a big part of our ethos after all.

Over the years we have partnered with fledging startups, right through to some of the largest businesses in Australia. True collaboration is at the heart of how we work, and we pride ourselves on finding better ways to make things work and solve problems.

With efficient processes refined through years of experience, we have a system that can handle large-scale production.

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Our Process and Certifications

Our manufacturing process has been rigorously developed and refined over the years.

From ensuring we adhere to the highest levels of food safety certification, to reviewing our supply chain and implementing more thoughtful environmental practices — we are constantly seeking to innovate, improve and lead by example in Australian manufacturing.