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The History of our 100% Australian Cookies

From our original bite size choc chip cookies to our new plant-powered cookie dough, our journey has been full of baking adventures, good food and great people.


Our Journey

“I think I’ve just purchased a bankrupt cookie business…”

It was 2004 and taking on a business was the last thing on my mind. Busy managing my legal practice from our small home office and distracted with a breastfeeding baby I nodded and replied, “That’s nice, darling.”

Little did I realise that the journey that my husband, Ken and I were about to embark upon, would entwine so significantly with the story of Charlie’s cookies, biscuits and, food.

There have been some high highs — like seeing our products take to the skies after signing our first partnership with Qantas in 2010. And there have also been some huge challenges.

Over the last 16 years, we’ve seen Charlie’s mature from a small local bakery into a global business. Through all the ups and downs the most fulfilling aspect for us has been the reward of seeing our business bring people together.

It’s been a fun ride, and the way we see it, we’re only just getting started.

Jacky Magid



Jacky and Ken

“Don’t mix business with pleasure.”

It’s a saying that Jacky and Ken, the husband and wife team leading Charlie’s Fine Food Co. have well and truly proven wrong.

Working together for the last 16 years they have discovered that by combining their diverse skills, they form a dynamic team. Ken heads up Operations and Finance with Jacky leading the charge across Sales and Marketing.

While neither would have guessed this is where they would end up, looking back it makes sense.

Growing up Ken secretly wanted to be a chef, while Jacky was raised in a family that made things! After both starting their careers in the corporate world they shared a desire to build a business that does more than just make money, but is a positive force for good in the world.

For Jacky and Ken, that means creating a team environment made up of a diverse workforce where people feel safe and cared for.

It means supporting women in the workplace and removing obstacles in their way.

It means becoming leaders in the food industry — generously sharing knowledge and resources so that other businesses can reap the benefits.

It also means supporting local businesses and continuing to find more sustainable manufacturing processes.


Who said snacking can’t change the world?

Over the last 10 years we have donated almost $80,000 in cookies to local organisations and charities to help them grow their impact in our community.

We also partnered with Qantas to create Proud to call Australia Home snack boxes, an initiative that has raised over $100,000 for national non-profit organisations.


Our Story