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Hari Unterrainer

Executive Pastry Chef for Crown Resorts

Hari Unterrainer, valued Charlie’s customer and Executive Pastry Chef from the Crown Resort Melbourne, has worked in prestigious Hotels and Resorts across the world.

He has more then 30 years of culinary experience but lately (and thru COVID) he found his new passion in plant-based cooking and baking.

Hari spends five minutes talking to us about his inspiration, his favourite ingredients and shares some advice for aspiring young pastry chefs.

Where are you from?

I grew up in Lienz, Austria.

What or who has been your greatest influence and why?

My early pastry influence came from my mother, as she made simple but tasty home style cakes and the best apple strudel in my hometown!

What ingredient could you not live without (when making vegan desserts)?

Good dark chocolate was for me always an important ingredient to work on vegan desserts and cakes. Now it’s also possible to get in Australia good vegan milk chocolate.

Do you believe pastry is an art or science and why?

For me pastry is an art to express myself by creating new desserts and cakes! Most of the time desserts are the last impressions from the dinner and the guest will remember for a long time when it’s done well!

A piece of advice to young and upcoming pastry chefs?

Pastry Chefs are very particular people in the kitchen, we like controlled environment, like recipes and scales but on the other side our creativity plays such an important role in our daily work which makes it fun (most of the times).

Who would be your ultimate dinner party guest and why?

To have a fun time I would like to invite Sacha Baron Cohen for this special dinner party, as he brings everybody to laugh!

What do you do to relax?

For relaxation I love to go with my dog Frankie!