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Welcome to Our Bakery Shop

We may produce a lot of cookies — a few tonnes a day in fact — but we’d never call ourselves a factory. That’s because we are passionate about keeping things real. Real food, made by real people.


Even today, many of our products are still hand dropped by our experienced bakers.

Made by people

Made in Melbourne

That’s the vision we had in mind when we built our wholesale bakery in Bentleigh East back in 2011. We made sure it was big enough for us to produce large quantities of wholesale cookies, biscuits, and brownies, all without compromising on the traditionally delicious methods we had become known for.

After almost a decade in our new facility, we’ve really fallen in love with our local community. The love seems to go both ways, with our neighbours knocking on the door of our shopfront when they smell the sweet aroma of baking each day! And it’s not just locals — our bricks-and-mortar store in Bentleigh East is open to the public and is always fully stocked with delicious baked goods.

And no need to worry if you’re not local. The good news is that our full range is also available in our online bakery. Open 24/7 — anytime you need to order a gift, a special indulgence, or a healthy snack.

Supporting local

100% Australian Made

Charlie’s started as a small local bakery, and we’re proud to say that we’re still a family owned business. Everything is made in Australia, and wherever possible we use premium Australian ingredients that are sourced from local suppliers.

It means a lot to us to say that we’re Australian owned and Australian made – it’s more than just a trademark we add to our packaging. Why? Because we are passionate about supporting Australian businesses and about creating jobs and opportunities for people in our communities to grow and thrive.

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Road to Sustainability

Sustainability isn’t just a buzz word or a corporate value we have listed on the wall at Charlie’s HQ — it’s something that everyone in our business is actively working towards, always.

As a manufacturer of packaged food, we are driven to find better, smarter and more sustainable packaging solutions that don’t compromise on food safety or quality.

So far, we’ve changed all our plastic trays from PP to PET (recycled plastic). We try and use as much recyclable paper and cardboard packaging as possible. We’re

working on ways to support better recycling of soft plastics and have a specific focus in 2021-22 to remove bubble wrap from our production process, instead replacing it with recycled paper.

And it’s not just our packaging that has undergone a transformation. We have recently installed solar panels covering our entire roof, reducing our reliance on other forms of power. It’s a journey but we are committed to continuing to find ways that we can minimise our environmental impact.

Award-winning treats

We know that we’re biased, but we really do think that Charlie’s has some of the best bakers and recipe makers in Australia. Whether its a gooey caramel slice, a perfectly crisp cookie or a melt in your mouth melting moment, they are constantly developing new recipes and expanding our range so that there is something for everyone.

Which is why it has brought us great joy to see the hard work of our team recognised by some of the top awards in the food world. With over 50 awards for our products and team members, here’s a few of the highlights that we like to celebrate:

Royal Agricultural Society of NSW Awards

Gold | Savoury Biscuits for Mini Cheese Bites

Royal Tasmanian Fine Food Awards

Gold | Savoury Baked Products for Mini Cheese Bites

Sydney Royal Fine Food Awards

Silver | Excellence for Melting Moments Cookies and Cream

Australian Food Awards

Retail-ready savoury Artisan Bites | Pita Chips with Sea Salt & Rosemary

Sydney Royal Fine Food Awards

Award-winning retail-ready Artisan Bites Range

Australian Food Awards

Double GOLD for Melting Moments

Sydney Royal Fine Food Awards

Cafe Artisan Range and Melting Moments continue to star

Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards

Artisan Range continues to win over the Melbourne judges

Women in Industry

Jacky — for spearheading a campaign which saw Charlie’s Cookies go from a small local cookie supplier to a national business turning over almost $5 million per annum

Our Certifications

When it comes to recipes — we like to get creative. When it comes to safety and standards — we do things by the book.

It’s important to us to not only adhere to the highest levels of regulation but also to be a leader in ensuring that our customers feel safe when they purchase something from our bakery, knowing that Charlie’s is a name that they can trust.

We are proud to have upgraded our HACCP accreditation to SQF, an internationally recognised standard of food excellence. Our certificate is available for download on this page to make life easy for those who need them. We are also proud members of the Bakery Association of Australia.

While our products are not currently certified as Kosher or Halal, they are both Kosher and Halal friendly (ensuring they are made with Kosher and Halal friendly ingredients).

We’re aware of the huge impact that our supply chain has and we are acutely aware of our responsibility as an employer of choice, so we carry an Ethical Sourcing Certification.


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