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Our Iconic Melting Moments

Hand-filled and artisanally produced biscuits that melt in your mouth

Nostalgia in a biscuit 

You can’t get a much more Australian treat than our iconic Melting Moments, with our special recipe guaranteeing a melt in your mouth experience!

With 100% real butter, this is the product for the ultimate biscuit fan who appreciates premium ingredients, quality and taste.

Delicious Melting Moments biscuits, sandwiched together with classic butter cream; our famous Melting Moments are bursting with flavour and super addictive – a favourite reimagined.

Nostalgia in a biscuit

Hand-filled and artisanally produced, our Melting Moments will melt-in-your-mouth and have the family coming back for more.

Free shipping on orders over $80.